Vlad Filat: An agreement was reached regarding the rail traffic through Transdniester

PLDM The freight transport on the Transdniestrian segment will be resumed within 30 days. This agreement was reached during the meeting between Prime Minister Vlad Filat and the Transndniestrian leader, which took place today, March 30th.

According to Vlad Filat, today's meeting is the result of previously established agreements. "At the first meeting with Mr. Shevchuk we agreed that the negotiation process and our relations will be guided by facts and that these will be pragmatic", the premier said.

Vlad Filat stressed that goods and passengers will be subjected to customs control from both parties. "It's a logical conclusion of the work done by experts and the political agreements. I hope we continue working in the same rhythm", Filat said.

The Prime Minister thanked the political representatives and the groups of experts for their work on the resumption of freight transportation on the Transndniestrean rail segment, and also for all the work until now, highlighting that many other problems have to be further addressed.

"The main objective for us is to improve the working and living standards of our citizens. Freedom of movement of persons, goods, development of economic relations and social sector – all are crucial in our activity”, Filat emphasized.

The premier stated that Chisinau will approach this process with optimism based on reality.